Futura x Martha Cooper "Break" Train Collection

Modernica is happy to celebrate Martha Cooper's 80th birthday with the release of our exclusive "Break" Train Coffee Table & Pillow. 

FUTURA’s historic “Break” painting, a transcendent whole car piece executed in 1980, was captured in beautiful still image by Martha Cooper the day of its creation. “Break" signaled a seismic shift in graffiti from the then-letterform-heavy wildstyle aesthetic—into the realm of abstraction. The illustrated crack in “Break” functions as both a literal and figurative side space for FUTURA’s signature; in “Break”, unlike the genre at large in 1980, the emphasis and weight in the foreground is abstraction, color gradation, and dimension—whereas the background, in an almost tertiary realm, is FUTURA’s signature. Like Martha Cooper’s immediately identifiable photographic style, “Break” too signals a gesture from FUTURA to create a signature style—and not just a styled signature.   

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