Gene Cooper

Legendary surfboard maker and resin artist Gene Cooper has teamed up with Modernica to create a side shell chair collection.

Gene’s known in the surfboard industry for his fiberglass resin art that he applies during the laminating process.  A board builder since 1974 he introduced Cooperfish Surfboards in 1992.  The label quickly set a standard for craftsmanship and color work reminiscent of surfings transitional era of the 1960’s.  
His boards, hand crafted and always in limited supply are coveted, and they’ve landed in the hands of diehard surfers, surfboard collectors, and surfing museums.  

   “Shaping surfboards and doing the resin work has always been a labor of love for me.  The crew I’ve been working with at Modernica share the same love for their artistry and I have great respect for them and their level of craftsmanship.  
   The process of making each chair, working with this crew, for me, is pure fun.  Exploring the color palette and the endless possible combinations make each chair unique, which is very rewarding.  I thank Jay and the people at Modernica for this opportunity”  - Gene Cooper

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