"Toño" - A Modernica Short Film

Monday, January 23 of 1995 was Antonio’s first day working at Modernica. Twenty-four dedicated years later, he’s finally putting his gloves to rest. 

Antonio started out as a 15-day temp, having been approached on the street by manager José Alvarez for a contract job at the Bay Street building. He learned the job and got right to work. After 15 days, co-founder Frank Novak saw the quality of Antonio’s handiwork and decided to bring him on permanently.

Directed & filmed by: Mick Aure Composer / Producer: Shurlock Bosfield Arranger / Pianist: Israel Flores

Since then, Antonio has worked loyally in the Modernica woodshop, waking up at 4 a.m. every day to catch the early morning city bus to work. He has supported his wife and three children in Guatemala, sending all three to university.

He expresses gratitude for his co-workers and the entire work environment, a place where he says he has learned a lot and says that people show respect toward one another. “It’s great to see all the things that have happened in the past 24 years,” Antonio says. “And I want to thank my coworkers and thank everyone at Modernica for that. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity.”