Support Los Angeles Local 8-Year-Old Boy's Plant Business - Aaron's Garden

This past week Modernica had the honor of meeting a 8-year-old boy named Aaron, who has a bigger heart then most and recently started selling plants out of his small shack home outside of Downtown Los Angeles. 

After Aaron's mom lost her job during the pandemic, he started his own plant business called "Aaron's Garden." Since Aaron has been helping raise money for his mother and himself to reunite with his sister Ayleen who has been living in Mexico for the last two years. Just one week ago, Aaron and his mom finally raised enough money to bring his sister Ayleen back home to Los Angeles. They are now working to raise money to move out of their small shack and move into their own home. 

On behalf of Case Study® Ceramics & Modernica, we visited Aaron and his mother, Berenice Pacheco, to donated ceramics for Aaron to pot his beautiful plants in and raise some more money. We are very grateful to be connected to Aaron and his mother and help him out as they live less than 5 miles away from our Factory in Vernon.  

In-between school & church Aaron's Garden has a pop-up daily from 3 pm-7 pm where you can find him, his mother, and now sister Ayleen selling plants. Please follow him on Instagram HERE to learn about his next pop up and purchase some plants and Case Study Ceramics from him. 

Aaron's Garden is Located at 1023 S Hicks St Los Angeles CA 90023