Modernica Takes Beyond The Streets New York

Modernica takes New York City in support of our friend Roger Gastman, curator of Beyond The Streets. We were lucky enough to partake in the opening night of @BeyondTheStreets, an exhibition of graffiti and street art.

Make sure to check out our exclusive chairs made with artists; Keith Haring, Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, and Felipe Pantone.

"BEYOND THE STREETS celebrates society’s most pervasive mark makers and rule breakers with unprecedented purpose and scale. The exhibition explores the collective urgency of using the street as a canvas for expression. People have long taken to the streets to share a name, phrase, image or cause with the world around them to force a public discourse. Streets act as the symbolically important public stage that is both local and universal, the bedrock for both public protest and anonymous action. While the subject matter varies and the mediums are many, it is in the public sphere where these messages find a home." -Beyond the Streets

You can now purchase tickets here

You can purchase from the Beyond The Streets Collection here.