KRINK x Modernica Now Available For Purchase! Limited To 100 Chairs.

Modernica and Krink collaborate again offering a new take on the Case Study Furniture® Fiberglass Shell Chair. The Modernica x Krink Upholstered Fiberglass Shell Chair with Eiffel Base features designs based on original art by Craig Costello, founder and owner of Krink. Costello’s painting showcases an interest in the balance of controlled and uncontrolled features where cascading paint is dictated by the pressure he applies with his unique tools as well as gravity and chance. The stark contrast of black and white accentuates the form of his lines and shape of the chair. The chair consists of a Jet Black fiberglass shell, upholstered in custom printed black and white fabric, black edge trim, black wire Eiffel base, and a Krink logo plate. 

Krink is a Brooklyn-based artist materials and creative brand. Krink began as the first ink and paint marker brand for graffiti writers and grew exponentially into an international art supply brand with continually expanding collections of apparel, special artist tools, limited editions, and accessories. Krink defined a unique aesthetic that attracted artists, designers, and brands from all over the world seeking out collaborations. From sneakers to luxury goods to cars, Krink has partnered with some of the biggest names in art and fashion, such as Nike, Moncler, and Mini. 

This item is limited to 100 chairs and is now available