Face Masks for Skid Row

In an effort to serve those who are in need and at high risk during these unprecedented times, Modernica has partnered with Skid Row Brigade by providing free masks to their organization. Founded by Manual Compito, aka OG, the organization is a group of volunteers who live in the community and clean as a form of service to give back and improve the quality of life on Skid Row. The volunteers are currently removing debris and litter from sidewalks throughout the area and providing a power washing service for the Skid Row community with little to no protection from COVID-19.

Modernica’s General Manager Lori Weise & Plant Manger Richard Tuttelmondo stated “The masks donated by Modernica will help protect the Brigade volunteers and allow them to continue to safely serve the needs of their community. This will be an ongoing donation to help support a cause very dear to us. Each mask is hand sewn by 15 year employee, Maria, who is part of our upholstery department and working from home.” The two Modernica managers of 20+ years are also founders of a non profit organization called Downtown Dog Rescue established in 1996. Their organization focuses on providing helpful services to homeless people with pets who are part of the Skid Row community.  

Individuals who make masks and would like to donate to the organization can arrange a drop- off time by sending an email to press@modernica.net.

Together we can keep vulnerable communities safe,