Stash x Albino & Preto

Modernica has create two special projects with Brooklyn based artist STASH & Jiu-Jitsu brand Albino & Preto. With projects releasing in 2021 & 2022 you can expect this partnership to continue over the years. 
August 2021, This project centered around an original artwork created by the celebrated artist in his Brooklyn studio that expresses parallels of “Art of Movement” with jiu-jitsu practitioners training. This design is taken from a live painting Stash did on a pearl weave kimono fabric in NYC. You can find pops of the kimono meshed with Stash’s colorful hand-painted design, featuring his signature fat caps. A stackable base is utilized to connect the shell chair side by side or to stack on top of each other. 
December 2022 Modernica and Albino & Preto tap "STASH" once again to celebrate the release of his latest book release "SUBLUEMINAL" with a limited edition Stackable Side Shell Chair.
The "PART TWO" of this partnership features the STASH iconic FATCAP and Paint Splatter pattern painted atop pearl weave kimono fabric encased in the iconic Modernica® fiberglass shell chair in an indigo dyed monochromatic blue color palette.
Modernica is also grateful to have spent a week with Stash & his team at our Los Angeles Factory, where the Artist painted a large mural that covers the fiberglass chair building with his signature FATCAP artwork that resembles the inside of his book.