Jim Krantz

The Way of the West Chairs Collection is the first collaboration for Jim Krantz Projects. It represents the merging of his iconic western imagery with one of America’s most iconic designs, the classic mid-century modern fiberglass shell chair. First designed as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s 1948 International Design competition, the shell chair was then named “Best Design of the Century” by Time magazine. Jim saw its sensual, organic form and authentic pedigree as the perfect canvas for his photographs. To create this unique collection, Jim has partnered with Modernica, the renowned furniture designers and fabricators based in Los Angeles. In a symbolic return to the West, each chair is handcrafted in the same process that was used on the originals more than 65 years ago.

Production will be limited to just 50 pieces of each design and every chair is signed and numbered.

Jim Krantz Projects is proud to support the Heroes & Horses 500 Mile Project and will donate a portion of the proceeds from The Way of the West Collection.

Modernica uses a proprietary process that embeds the image permanently below the surface of the fiberglass chair.