Clot Modernica & Dr. Woo For Rimowa

RIMOWA and Hype-beast teamed up on a collaborative series that uses collective creative energy for a good cause. The 'Vol.1' series taps a roster of renowned global brands to rework 26 RIMOWA classics set to be sold exclusively on HBX on November 22nd 2021, with all proceeds committed to COVID relief through the COVAX facility.

CLOT Founder and Creative Director, Edison Chen, reimagined the RIMOWA Original Cabin Plus and the RIMOWA Personal Polycarbonate Cross-body Bag in 'Bamboo', drawing inspiration from hip-hop influences to deliver "a new rendition of a throne" partnering with Dr. Woo & Modernica. 

Edison Chen's overarching design concept abides by his philosophy: "Minimal customisation, high functionality." enlisting renowned Tattoo artist and friend, Dr Woo and Los Angeles-based furniture manufacturers, Modernica, to marry the visual and cultural legacy of hip-hop with material expression and art, Edison reveals "We took this opportunity to try to make our concept a reality, we got two of our very close collaborators and friends to come to help us make that dream come true, which is very true to CLOT's nature - we find the best and we try to showcase their talents".

The concept pays homage to one of Edison Chen's favorite albums by Kanye West and Jay-Z', 'Watch the Throne', a seat made of fibreglass was designed by Modernica to be used in tandem with the RIMOWA Original Cabin Plus - place it on top of the suitcase to create a wheel-based 'throne' or conveniently fold it into the Never Still Weekender bag. Minimal design elements like engraved hip-hop lyrics and Dr. Woo's signature tattoo motifs were added to the RIMOWA Original Cabin Plus and the RIMOWA Personal Polycarbonate Cross-body Bag, incorporating the spirit of design without taking or adding too much to RIMOWA's original aesthetic.