Cleon Peterson 2019

Introducing Cleon Peterson and Modernica’s third collaboration: the Cleon Peterson x Modernica Case Study Furniture® V-Leg Daybed Sectional and Upholstered Arm Shell Rocker. Each item is individually numbered, the 3 piece V-Leg Daybed Sectional is limited to 50 pieces, while the Upholstered Arm Shell Rocker is limited to 100 units. The collection released exclusively on

This series blurs the line between observation and experience following Peterson’s utilitarian vision for his work: to make art accessible to people so they can live with and inhabit it.

“I love the idea of artwork not just being something that you see that just sits on the wall, but something you actually live with at the same time. [Something] accessible to people so that they can have it in their homes and live around it so it’s not such a precious thing, but something that [...] comes into your world in a different way.”

The collaboration features Peterson’s “Land of Shadows,” 2019.