Atiba Jefferson

During September 2021 Modernica had the pleasure of working with acclaimed photographer Atiba Jefferson on a unique project crossing photography with functional furniture. Modernica and Atiba collaborated on a year-long project, merging some of his favorite skateboarding images and featured them on our timeless furniture, including a Case Study® Side Shell Fiberglass Chair, Fiberglass Coffee Table & Fiberglass Wall Pockets. For the first time, Modernica uses the Case Study® Wall Pocket as a Frame for his work. These functional wall pockets initially designed for office use have become a housing mechanism for his iconic images. Along with the 15 Wall Pockets, Atiba & Modernica have created a Fiberglass Coffee Table featuring all 15 images laid out to mimic a light-box vibe that showcases the photos all on one piece. 

For the past 20 years photographer, Atiba Jefferson has been known for capturing iconic moments in pop culture to some of the most influential people in the music and sports world. From being a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Lakers and capturing some of the most memorable moments in Kobe & Shaq's championship days to the streets of NYC shooting the Supreme skate team, his portfolio features the best of the best.

With a small run of hand-signed items, only four select Wall Pockets along with the Fiberglass Coffee Table edition of 10 & Case Study® Side Shell Chair edition of 50 were available for purchase while supplies last.

Atiba had also asked Modernica to Honor his late friend Dylan Rieder by donating all Proceeds of his limited-edition Wall Pocket to the City of Hope Cancer Center.