Modernica x Vault By Vans

Modernica and Vans presents an exclusive capsule of footwear and furniture to honor the brands’ timeless heritage in design and craftsmanship. Inspired by their always-sunny home state, the two California natives mold together to create a neoteric assortment of bold footwear designs, complemented by a limited-run of Modernica’s iconic fiberglass shell chair, custom-printed with Vans archival patterns.
This exclusive collection includes an assortment of footwear, Vans’  preserves the legacy of its beloved Hawaiian palm leaf motifs, along with classic all-over checkerboard patterns. With Modernica’s distinct precision and Vans’ innovative “Off The Wall” designs, you’re left with artfully-crafted renditions of the Style 36 LX and OG Slip-On LX. 


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