Architecture Spotlight:
The Work of Greek Architect Nicos Valsamakis

It’s impossible not to be inspired when we see an image of a Nicos Valsamakis building. Having founded his studio in 1953, and with over 300 buildings to his name, the now 93 year-old is considered to be the most important Greek architect of today, and one of the most distinguished in the world.

Valsamakis draws his inspiration from the great love he has for his country, particularly its light and lifestyle. A distinguishing factor in his buildings is the careful consideration of the land on which the structure will rest upon, evident in the selection of works featured above of private residences throughout Greece. Whether it be the Lanaras weekend House from 1963, or the House in Koilada from 2006, the elegant and clean geometric lines and white surfaces are common design threads consistent with a “Valsamakis building”.

Photos courtesy of Dimitris Kalapodas and Nicos Valsamakis via Yatzer.