Molded Wood:
The Process

Modernica has been been molding wood to create furniture for over two decades. From Alpine beds and bentwood legs to more recent additions like the Spyder base, we have developed and produced our molded pieces on-site, at our factory in California.

The process begins with multiple layers of North American hardwoods, including Maple, Ash, and Walnut, which are layered to the desired thickness and then bonded together for exceptional strength.  The layered pieces are then placed on custom molds, engineered and built by Modernica.  They take their shape in a large-scale press, which uses a combination of heat and pressure to mold the wood. They continue on to our woodshop where they are further refined and shaped by hand before they are finished and assembled.



We are proud to be able to develop and control the entire process, thus providing our customers with the highest quality and durability, without compromising the details that set Case Study® furniture apart.

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All video/photographs taken at Modernica Factory, California.