Reading Spotlight:
The Making of Modern Housing by Mark Swenarton

This book looks at the lessons Sydney Cook offers for today’s house builders.

If you’re into British Modernism (and Brutalism) we’ve got a book for you. Cook’s Camden: The Making of Modern Housing by Mark Swenarton.

Sydney Cook was a borough architect in Camden and a man who oversaw some of the most influential social housing schemes of the 20th-century in the Camden, London area. The Camden projects were ‘a new type of urban housing’ and a return to streets with front doors rather than tower blocks, creating density without the need for height.

This book looks at how Cook and his team created this housing and the lessons it offers for today’s house builders. Using photographs by Tim Crocker in combination with original black and white photography by Martin Charles, the images create a ‘then and now’ portrayal of the buildings, the homes within, and the people who live there. This item is only available for pre-order through Amazon UK.

Photos and facts courtesy of WowHaus.