Case Study® Ceramic Cylinder
With Wood Stand - Large

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case study ceramics

Our Case Study Planter design originated during the highly prolific period in architecture and home furnishing designs immediately following WW2. The new designs were not only something new to look at but promoted a new attitude towards incorporating your home with a modern lifestyle.

Pottery that emerged from this post-war period was a radical departure in both form and application. Its primeval archetypal shapes of cylinders, cones, bullets, gourds, and totems, mixed with the precision of the simple clean finishes was something completely new and fresh.

Unlike its predecessors, the new pottery created a portable landscape. These new ceramic objects could be used as a planter and soften the lines of a room, or as a sculptural piece in the garden, thus blurring the lines between exterior and interior spaces.

Most importantly, the object itself functioned as a direct reflection of the home owner’s aesthetic. It was this combination of the aesthetic purity of Modernism with the idea of good design for all that launched its massive appeal into popular culture.

As an important part of this lineage, Modernica’s Case Study Planters are pure and elegant in form. Our cylindrical shapes are available in two sizes and in 3 matte colors: pebble, charcoal and white. The planters have the option of either a Brazilian walnut plinth, a Brazilian walnut stand, or a steel, powder-coated, stand. The idea is in the application — your choices will determine the style and personality of your planter.

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This item will ship in one box.
The shipping box dimensions are:
21” x 21” x 18”
30 lbs Packed

Case Study Cylinder Planter - Large
Overall Dimensions Pot on Stand:
19 7/8” H X 15 1/8” W
Pot: 12”H X 13 1/8” Dia.
Stand: 18 7/8” H X 15 1/8” W
Floor to Bottom of Stand: 8” H
30 lbs Packed

High fire stoneware ceramic, Brazilian walnut.
With proper care Brazilian walnut is 100% waterproof—suitable for any situations

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